Key Impacts

Throughout this year, the IDC undertook comprehensive training of more than 82 members, as well as working collaboratively with 44 UN and regional stakeholders and 45 governments on the development of robust alternatives to detention.

Building A Global Movement to End Child Detention

The IDC has acted as a lead convener of the global push to end child immigration detention. We have worked to foster communication and bridge gaps between critical UN and civil society partners; to gather and promote best practice examples regarding rights-based alternatives to detention for children; and supported the Global Campaign to End the Immigration Detention of Children by hosting its secretariat. Here's the story...

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Upskilling the IDC Network

This year we continued to resource and upskill our members and partners to strengthen their advocacy on the issue of detention. Two examples highlight this work and the results it can achieve; both focus on unlocking the potential of the IDC network.

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Working Towards Ending Child Detention in Mexico

Traditionally, Mexico has been viewed as a “transit country” in which there are no easy solutions for managing migration without detention. This view was so predominate that in 2015, more than 35,700 children were detained because of their migration situation. IDC activities have focused on shifting this perspective, encouraging Mexican stakeholders to see this as an opportunity..

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