Key Impacts

This year, the IDC worked collaboratively with 23 governments and 44 UN and regional stakeholders on the development of robust alternatives to detention. 110 government officials in total were trained, together with members across all regions.

Raising the Voices of Children Impacted by Detention

Recently the Global Campaign to End Immigration Detention of Children commemorated its 5th anniversary. The IDC initiated the Campaign in 2012, after the IDC membership survey revealed that building political will to create change was one of the most important outcomes for IDC Members. Since then, we’ve seen a lot of progress towards ending child immigration detention.

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Turning Pilots into Systems

Traditionally, Mexico has been viewed as a “transit country” in which there are no easy solutions for managing migration without detention. IDC activities have focused on shifting this perspective, encouraging Mexican stakeholders to see this as an opportunity to take up the challenge to lead change in the very complex regional and global migration context.

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Sharing Insights Across the Network

This year we continued to resource and upskill our members and partners to strengthen their advocacy on the issue of detention. In an international first, we launched our online toolkit on alternatives to detention -

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