Our Members

“The IDC helped us look at our activities from a different perspective to identify how we were already contributing to alternatives to detention by helping migrant children access migration documentation, identity documents and education in Mexico …” Gretchen Kuhner - General Director, Member organisation the Institute for Women in Migration (IMUMI)

The IDC has 328 members from 77 countries worldwide, with 19 new members joining during this year. This year saw a strengthening of the International Advisory Committee, made up of 30 members of the IDC, who provide insight and analysis to the IDC secretariat.

We held our first ever Regional Advisor training, which brought advisors from Europe, the Americas and the Middle East and North Africa together to share experiences and enable a deeper understanding of the IDC’s research findings about effective alternatives to immigration detention.

Our members have expertise across a wide range of areas, from service provision and legal aid, to research, reporting and advocacy. The wealth of knowledge around detention and alternatives to detention within our member-base is a core strength of the IDC: active engagement and dialogue with members on emerging and important issues in domestic and international detention contexts is vital to our organisational capacity and policy influence.

This year we streamed our annual member meeting, held in Geneva, which had over 40 members from more than 13 countries attend, and more than 50 people tune in to the broadcast.


Members of IDC at a meeting on alternatives to detention in Mexico City, September 2015