Our Members

The IDC has 380 members from 84 countries worldwide, with 59 new members joining during the past year. Our International Advisory Committee is made up of 30 members of the IDC, who provide insight and strategic guidance to the IDC secretariat.

This year we launched our online toolkit - http://toolkit.idcoalition.org

An international first, the toolkit was designed to equip our diverse membership to advocate for ways to limit and end harmful detention practices. Modules are 15 minutes in length, designed to be part of a broader course curriculum, and available online – enabling our network to access them anywhere, anytime.

Modules feature short video interviews with experts, predominately drawn from the IDC membership, reflecting on why their advocacy or programming has been successful, and what lessons can be learnt across the IDC network. Three courses are currently available in English, and parts of the toolkit are also available in Spanish language. A list of relevant resources are available for each course, gathering together best practice and utilizing existing resources for maximum effect.

This year we also published our IDC Website in the Spanish language, recognizing that we have more than 88 members in the Americas region.

For the second time this year we streamed our annual member meeting, held in Geneva, which had over 40 members from more than 12 countries attend, and more than 100 people tune in to the broadcast.

Our 2017 annual member survey revealed that worldwide detention is being used widely, proving to be a policy tool used increasingly by conservative governments. Our members identified a range of advocacy entry points, especially around the development of pilot alternative to detention programs, which can provide evidence of how migration can be managed more effectively.

See a list of all our members who have given their permission to be publically listed here http://idcoalition.org/members-2

Alternatives to Detention Implementer Workshop, Lusaka, Zambia, May, 2017

“The content in general was easy to follow, the case study too was a helpful illustration of important content and it was great to watch/hear about various case management programs all over the world.”

Jennifer Clement Suka Society (Malaysia)