Financial Statements

Statement by Governance and Finance Committee

The International Detention Coalition continued to maintain a secure position of financial stability during the financial year ending June 2017. Through careful management of our expenditure, we’ve been able to increase our retained earnings again this year and further reduce our vulnerability cash flow fluctuations.

Total revenue for the reporting period remained steady with the majority of funding being ongoing multi-year recurrent project funding. Funders for this period are included on page 19. It’s been particularly pleasing to see some new funders this year and we’ve also secured some fee for service income for the first time. This is a great recognition of the calibre of our staff who are in great demand
to speak at events or provide technical advice.

A complete copy of the audited financials are available upon request from the IDC office at [email protected]. IDC makes a firm commitment to full disclosure and transparency of financial records.


A complete copy of the audited financials are available here

Mary Latham
International Detention Coalition

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