The IDC extends our gratitude to our staff and advisory, who have guided the work in 2018.

Grant Mitchell

Libby Zerna
Finance and Administration Coordinator

Lucy Bowring
Capacity Building Coordinator

Silvia Gomez
Advocacy Coordinator

Dr. Robyn Sampson
Senior Advisor and Research Coordinator

Leeanne Torpey
Communications and Campaign Coordinator

Vanessa Martinez
Americas Regional Coordinator

Diana Martínez
Mexico Program Officer

Pia Solf
Americas Administration Officer

Junita Calder
Africa and Middle East Regional Coordinator

Tiffany Shakespeare
Africa Programme Officer

Jem Stevens
Europe Regional Coordinator

Adrienn Kiss
Europe Programme Officer

Vivienne Chew
Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator

Deepa Nambiar
Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator

Melanie Teff
Senior Child Rights Advisor