Letter from the President and Director

This past year we have seen an unfortunate history in the making: record amounts of people are being forced to leave their homes due to conflict and displacement.

It also comes at a time of growing populism and national xenophobia and its direct influence on securitization and border control, including enforcement regimes, immigration detention and restricting access to territory.

The impact of these policies can be seen worldwide and the biggest cost of these policies is the impact it has on hundreds of thousands of people who are locked away in jails, prisons, “hot spots”, closed border zones, or other administrative detention centres.

This move to increase detention comes at a time when the world should work to find solutions for the more than now 65.6 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide, who urgently need a safe place to live.

In the face of these challenges, the IDC and its now more than 380 members from 84 countries have worked tirelessly over this past year to highlight that detention is not the answer, not now or ever.

The IDC has worked with members and partners to forge a new path for change. One which identifies constructive solutions, tools and models that show migration governance can occur in the community, and is cheaper, more effective and more humane than detention.

To this effect, the IDC has worked in a range of ways in the past year:

  • Providing advocacy support, network and capacity building to members, partners and other stakeholders in MENA, Africa, Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific

  • Developing critical tools, online training, research and reports

  • Providing technical advice to more than 20 governments on alternatives to immigration detention.

The year ahead will see the IDC move to creating a greater space for analysis, information sharing and targeted advocacy and technical support. Supporting the development of regional networks of alternatives to detention implementers will be a key focus in order to share insight and knowledge, and to ensure we take advantage of the avenues open for change to ensure no one suffers in immigration detention.

We continue to be inspired, and thankful, for the wonderful collaboration, vision and passion from our members and partners around the world, and we are excited to continue this critical work together in the year ahead.

"The year ahead will see the IDC move to creating a greater space for analysis, information sharing and targeted advocacy and technical support."


Anna Gallagher IDC Presidentanna-signature Anna Gallagher, President



Grant Mitchell, Director